Looking for a clear view?

    Stainless steel cable balustrading provides a clean, stylish and contemporary solution for those seeking to improve lifestyle and add value to their home. It suggests a nautical feel that is embraced by architects worldwide.

    Outside, views from decks and balconies are not only unobstructed, but enhanced by the gleam of stainless steel.

    Inside, add a modern touch to landings and staircases without compromising strength or quality.

    In a fire prone environment, stainless steel cable is the ideal choice of balustrade in-fill.

    Stainless steel is attractive, easy to clean and low maintenance.

    You can install stainless steel cables to your existing balustrade with one of our D.I.Y kits, or we can design and install the system of your choice in stainless steel, timber, aluminium or powder coated steel. In fact, just about anything!

    The only limit is your imagination. Please feel free to contact us for further information or for an obligation free measure and quote.

    Stainless steel cables; the clear choice for a clear view

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